The Official Product Guide
All Liberty Walk official products*1 have certificate from Liberty Walk. Please make sure to check the serial number of the certificate and the model name of the product when you received the product.
A hologram seal with a code number is attached on each products*2, and a hologram seal with same code number is attached on certificate too. Liberty Walk head office control all serial number of certificate and product code by computer system.
Hologram seal attached on each product adopt advanced anti-counterfeiting system.
If peel off the seal, the seal is broken. Hologram seal cannot be reissued. Please paint and install without peeling hologram seal.
*1 The product of Suzuki Every & Carry is not covered the system.
*2 It depends on size of products, there may be cases when hologram seal can’t be attached.
リバティーウォークのメーカー証明対象商品※1 には、メーカーが証明書を添付いたします。
各パーツ全て※2 に、コード番号が印字されたフォログラムシールが貼られており、同じコード番号のフォログラムシールが部位毎に証明書へ貼られております。

※1 lb★nation BUBRY / CARRY は対象外とさせて頂きます。
※2 パーツの大きさにより一部フォログラムシールが貼れないパーツもあります。